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Zhoulin Bio-Frequency Apparatus Model WS-101


Bio-Frequency Spectrum (BFS) is a nomenclature for both of the frequency and spectrum of physical information emanating from living body. Clinical studies shown that BFS appliance can generate comprehensively simulating human body BFS, which feeds back to human body and produces resonance with human body. Under the effects of these comprehensive physical signals, it can simultaneously lead to electron transition, atom rotation, and molecule vibration in the human body. As energy released by BFS appliance is quite low, there are no side effects. According to the human - frequency spectrum distribution and the response features, the factory developed a wide - spectrum body effect simulator Zhoulin Health Care Set. This appliance can emit the frequency and spectrum similar to those of human body. It can be absorbed by human body and create biochemcial reactions by stimulating the resonance of biological molecules. With the comprehensive response of the cells and tissues, which can promote the natural balance process of human body cure diseases.

Bio-Spectrum range : Wide Bio-Spectrum frequency including close infrared, middle infrared, and far infrared ray to weak microwave
Life of generator : 6,000 working hours+
Voltage : 110V~50~60HZ
Environment : Temperature -10~+40℃
: Relative Humidity <85%
Power consumption : 280 W
Net Weight : 5.5 kgs

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