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Magnetic Bracelets & Necklace Series


These bracelets and necklace are made of a highly pure copper wire in either Ionic Plating Gold or silver. Furthermore, it is coated with a protecting film to keep skin from any undue allergic reactions .To wear it continuously may help you ease a great many alterations such as muscular rheumatism and other related to the human body's nervous and blood circulation system such as anxiety, sorrowfulness feeling, insomnia, joint pain mental tiredness etc ... while also serving as an excellent blood pressure controlling agent. Helps to relieve rheumatic pain and fatigue. Also effective in improving the health, longevity and protency of the body, without any side effects.
  • Available 23K micro gold plated, 22" long necklace or 8" bracelet.
  • Easy to use and wear, suitable for both men and women.

    MP 2515 Magnetic Necklace Series
    Available in different styles and patterns. Model numbers from D208 to D260

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