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Guide Tube (octagon,stainless steel)


Guide tube is a supplemental instrument for easier insertion of a needle. Devised for inserting a needle into skin with the least no pain. Any pain that a patient received by being inserted a needle is a sort of stimulation, but does not bring forth the good effectiveness or result by all means. It is better that size of guide tube is chosen according to the length of the needle.

Guide Tube (octagon,stainless steel) 進針管 (日本針用)

This is the most widely used of guide tubes, which are classified into 7 types for different length of needle used. This type of guide tubes only suitable for using Japanese type needles.
KL8860 No.05 for 12 mm needle
KL8861 No.08 for 25 mm needle
KL8862 No.10 for 30 mm needle
KL8863 No.13 for 40 mm needle
KL8864 No.16 for 50 mm needle
KL8865 No.20 for 60 mm needle
KL8866 No.25 for 75 mm needle

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