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Pointer Pulse II Dual Probe Laser & T.E.N.S.


Based on the design of Pointer Pulse and Mini Laser, Pointer Pulse II dual probe laser utilized the same technology and develops it into 2 laser and electric stimulation outputs, which allows stimulation on 2 to 4 points at the same time. This enhance the effect and save the treatment time.

Dual probe and dual-mode laser device (continuous and 5 Hz pulsed adjustable), with T.E.N.S. Feature.

Battery Operated portable and convenient to use everywhere and can also be used with an DC 9V adaptor.

With the use of laser and/or T.E.N.S. acupuncture becomes a painless process and readily acceptable to everyone young and old.
Pointer Pulse II is a device which provides a combination two outputs of Laser and Electrical stimulation.

  • Laser and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) devices are used for the symptomatic relief of chronic (long term) intractable pain and as an adjunctive treatment in the management of post surgical traumatic pain problems.
  • Laser is also used as a substitution of invasive acupuncture treatment. Laser acupuncture means directly irradiating some key body points on the surface of the skin, also used for the symptomatic relief of chronic (long term) intractable pain and as an adjunctive treatment in the management of post surgical traumatic pain Problems.

    Features :
  • Dual output channels, and A combination of laser as well as electrical stimulation.
  • T.E.N.S. Stimulation
  • Laser stimulation
  • Continuous Or 1 - 15 Hz pulsed laser stimulation adds the effectiveness of therapy to certain diseases.
  • Auriculo-acupuncture
  • Body acupuncture
  • Dental and sports medication

    Advantages :
  • Painless and without sensation of numbness
  • Harmless, no tissue damage
  • Complete sterility, no-cross infection
  • No heat, no adverse effect
  • User-friendly design and operation

    Channel : 2 Channels
    Output Current : 0-80 ma
    Pulse Rate : x1 (1 - 16 Hz)
    x10 (20 -160 Hz)
    Pulse Width : x1 (260 μS)
    : x1 (260 μS)
    Pulse Shapes : Asymmetric Modified, Rectangular
    Laser Pulse : Continuous, Or 1-15 Hz, Adjustable
    Laser Wavelength : 650 nm
    Max Power Output : <5 mw
    Timer : Cont, 5 Min, 10 Min
    Power Source : Alkaline Battery LR 6 or DC 9V Adaptor
    Dc Power Jack : 6.3mm x 2mm Centre Pin
    Dimensions : 160 x 88 x 50mm
    Weight : 230 gm
    Weight : 230 gm

    Output Parameters Are Across A 500 Ohm Resistance

    Laser beams within this range pass through water and hemoglobin, and penetrate deep into the body without destroying the tissues. The visibility of laser beam enable the user to make sure its application to the treatment point, as well as add confident to the patient. At present, using diode is by now the most economical, and smallest way to produce a visible laser.

    Based on experiences from past years we have discovered that the effect could be enhanced in Pointer Pulse II by allowing for a pulsation between 1- 15 Hz!!

    Pulsation is chosen according to these rules:
    Lung meridian : 12 Hz
    Colon Meridian : Continuous
    Heart Meridian : Continuous
    Small Intestine meridian : Liz
    Pericardium Meridian : 11,5 Hz
    Tripped Heater Meridian : 11,9 Hz
    Stomach Meridian : 11,2 Hz
    Spleen Meridian : 9,34 Hz
    Kidney Meridian : 9,34 Hz
    Urinary Bladder Meridian : No fixed frequency
    Liver Meridian : 11,1 Hz
    Gall Bladder Meridian : 9,541 Hz

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